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Meta works on end-to-end encryption for Messenger backups


Meta has announced that it will soon introduce end-to-end encryption for Messenger backups , the application created to manage Facebook messaging, but which can now also be used for SMS and (in some regions) for DMs. of Instagram.

The encryption of the backups on the card will work in a similar way to what has already been seen on WhatsApp . You will be able to securely protect all your chat and message data, so you can conveniently retrieve it when you want to make the switch from your old phone to the new one.

People want to be sure that their online conversations with friends and family are private and safe. We are working tirelessly to protect your personal messages and calls with end-to-end encryption, a security measure that will be activated by default on Messenger and Instagram. Today we are announcing our plans to test a new method that will allow you to secure backups of your Messenger chats protected by end-to-end encryption in the cloud.

can be read in the official Meta blog .

Users can protect their conversations simply by creating a numeric PIN. On iOS, users will be able to save the secret key within iCloud .


Meta is working on an upgrade of its encryption technology. In addition, the company also intends to provide a simple tool to be able to check at any time whether the encryption is actually active.


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