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Microsoft Asked To Clarify The Elder Scrolls VI Exclusivity For Xbox Series X|S


Late last year, Microsoft told the US Federal Trade Commission that three future Bethesda games would be console exclusives to the Xbox Series X|S. Their names were not revealed, but the media speculated that they were Starfield, Redfall, and The Elder Scrolls VI.


However, in early 2023, Bethesda unexpectedly released Hi-Fi RUSH ( our review ), which is also exclusive to the Xbox ecosystem. Against this backdrop, journalists turned to Microsoft with a request to clarify the fate of The Elder Scrolls VI, but there has been no response yet.

Steven Totilo of Axios believes that Hi-Fi RUSH may not have been included in the list of “three exclusives” because it was not announced at the time of writing. Or vice versa, The Elder Scrolls VI was not taken into account  simply because its full-fledged development has not even begun yet. Previously, Phil Spencer claimed that the game would be exclusive.

“But alas, Microsoft refused to clarify this issue,” Totilo wrote.

Bethesda will be able to develop The Elder Scrolls VI after the release of Starfield and add-ons for it. The premiere of Todd Howard’s long-term RPG is scheduled for September 6, 2023.


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