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Microsoft Teams: Shared new stats


Despite its growing popularity, data on Microsoft Teams ‘ latest user base was oddly absent from the company’s recent fourth-quarter 2022 fiscal earnings. The video conferencing suite has received more than 450 new features in the past year, the company said, which corresponds to an average of more than eight additions per week, however the last time we received an update on Microsoft’s user numbers Teams dates back to January 2022, when the company revealed it has more than 270 million monthly active users.

Microsoft Teams makes up a huge part of the tech giant’s cloud-based operations, which has seen tremendous growth over the same period last year, and Microsoft also wanted to highlight its stake in the companies that make up the Fortune 500, of which approximately two-thirds use Teams Rooms as part of their hybrid work setups.

The company’s flagship Microsoft 365 subscription , the E5, also experienced a promising increase, making up 12% of subscriptions and up from 8% in 2021, by contrast, the Windows side of the company, responsible for the latest Windows 11 operating system, along with the company’s Xbox sector, experienced a decline in revenue and the Russia-Ukraine war is said to have had the most damaging effect, with the company reducing its operations in Russia at the cost of $ 126 million.

Moving forward, Microsoft is looking to expand its social media empire beyond LinkedIn , in a move that sees its Yammer platform evolve into Viva Engage, accessible from within Teams apps.




  • Microsoft just shared a bunch of juicy Teams stats – but not the one we all wanted to see (TechRadar)


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