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Microsoft will soon introduce a standardized Super Resolution upscaler to improve resolution

As part of the official program, Microsoft is preparing to show off its latest resolution enhancement solution at the annual Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Although this is an event aimed more at industry professionals than end users, the DirectSR presentation is generating significant interest among players as well.



GDC’s description states that DirectSR is a comprehensive resolution upscaling solution built directly into Windows. Despite the fact that information about the development of Microsoft’s own AI-based upscaling tool was already known, its imminent presentation was a pleasant surprise. We’ve previously seen OS-level resolution improvements made available to a wider audience thanks to Valve’s Steam Deck. The integration of FSR on this device could hint at the potential challenges that Microsoft may face when implementing DirectSR.


Microsoft will show off its DirectSR resolution upscaler system on Thursday, March 21st.



It is important to note that, despite the ability to upscale the resolution of any game on the Steam Deck, the device does not use AI technology. The absence of a temporal component (e.g., motion vectors) in FSR 1.0 significantly reduces the enhancement efficiency, resulting in blurry and low-quality images. This is a major limitation of the feature’s OS-level integration into Steam Deck, limiting performance and image quality improvements. Nvidia’s DLSS, on the other hand, requires specialized Tensor cores to operate, delivering high image quality and performance.


Considering that Microsoft’s DirectSR appears to be using AI, we can expect the technology to surpass any system solutions that FSR could offer. However, there is a question about compatibility with all suitable devices: it is difficult to imagine that its performance will compare with DLSS.


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