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Midjourney accuses Stability AI of stealing images and bans access to its employees

While DALL-E’s developer, OpenAI, is busy fighting with Elon Musk, the creators of two other famous AI image generators, Midjourney and Stability AI, seem to be in conflict of their own over the most ironic thing imaginable, given the specifics of – stealing images.



According to a recent tweet posted by AI enthusiast Nick St. Pierre, the alleged theft happened last Saturday. It is alleged that Stability AI employees broke into the Midjourney database and stole queries and many images, causing a 24-hour downtime. In response, MJ has reportedly banned all Stable Diffusion developers from accessing its services, a decision that was allegedly announced internally on Wednesday.

The CEOs of Midjourney and Stability AI commented on the situation. The first confirmed the theft and mentioned that the team had already received some information on the matter, while the second denied that he had instructed his employees to steal from Midjourney and promised to help with the investigation. Given the friendly relationship between the two CEOs, it is likely that their statements are sincere and not an attempt to smooth over the situation.



At the moment, the situation is still evolving, and there is limited information about the actual culprits of the theft and whether Stability AI was instructed to target its competitor.


The AI war is on, but not at all in the way we imagined.


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