Military measures increased in Taiwan!

Tensions between China and Taiwan continue to rise after the news that US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi will visit Taiwan as part of her Asian trip. The Taiwanese military has stepped up military measures in response to Chinese exercises.

 In Response To The Chinese army , which started to conduct military exercises in Fuzhou province, which is one of the closest points to Taiwan , the Taiwanese side has increased its military security measures against a sudden attack from China as of today.


It has been learned that within Taiwan’s two-stage military alert system, the combat readiness is currently at the “normal readiness” level and has not yet been upgraded to the “emergency readiness” level.


the news, based on diplomatic sources, it was claimed that Pelosi was expected to land at Songshan Airport in the capital Taipei today at 22.30 local time, despite the harsh warnings made by China through its military and political channels. It was also claimed that Pelosi will meet with Taiwan’s leader Tsai Ing-wen and some senior officials tomorrow, and will leave the country at noon. Taiwanese police also increased security measures in case of visitation. While no official statement has yet been made by Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs about the visit, the Taipei City Police Department has been working to ensure the security of Pelosi’s hotel and Traffic Traffic At The Intersections Where The Convoy Will Pass.It was learned that 350-400 police officers were assigned to carry out the control. In addition to all these preparations, the National Police Service will also assign special guards for the visit.


On the other hand, Taoyuan International Airport said in a statement that it received threatening emails stating that explosives were placed at the airport to stop Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. Security at the airport is being stepped up as police continue to investigate the source of the false threats.


In the statement made by Pelosi’s office regarding her trip to Asia, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and South Korea were included in the visit program, while Taiwan was not mentioned.

Recognizing Taiwan as a part of its territory, the Chinese administration states that while it wants to seize control of Taiwan under the name of “peaceful reunification”, it will not hesitate to use force for this. In addition, the official contact of other countries with Taiwan is considered as a “violation of sovereignty” by China.


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