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Minecraft introduces a new season pass for the in-game Marketplace

Mojang has announced a monthly subscription for Minecraft called the Marketplace Pass, which gives paying customers access to “more than 150 content packs” from the in-game Marketplace.


The content offered will change every month and will include skins, texture packs and maps. There will also be new free Character Creator items available every month, Mojang announced in a blog post .

The Marketplace Pass is only available in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, so Java players will not be able to subscribe.

Minecraft on Game Pass costs $3.99 per month, which is cheaper than the Realms Plus subscription, but does not include a personal server, so it is recommended for players who prefer single-player play. Moreover, subscriptions provide access to the same content every month.

If a user stops paying for the Marketplace Pass, world templates saved in the cloud storage will be available for download for 18 months, but any Character Creator items received will remain tied to the Minecraft account.

In the meantime, work on a major Minecraft update is in its final stages and the release of the patch is expected in mid-2024 (most likely early June), along with the winner of the latest mob vote – the mighty armadillo.



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