Minister Varank’s reaction to CHP’s Özel: Young people do not need an ‘uncle’

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank reacted to CHP Group Deputy Chairman Özgür Özel, who made a statement on his remarks at the Ibn Haldun University Preference Festival and said, “Young people do not need an ‘uncle’ to benefit from the support of the Ministry of Industry and Technology.”


Minister Varank met with students at the Ibn Haldun University Preference Festival program at the Başakşehir Campus Of Ibn Haldun University.

Varank said in his speech here:
“When we come together with our university friends, one of the most frequently asked questions is: ‘Mr. Minister, I can find a job there, I can get a paid job in whichever department I study.’ The first sentence I say to my friends is this: Once you start university, your first goal should not be to be employed in a place. I see it as an unfair way of thinking for our young friends, that they set out to say ‘I’ll go somewhere and get my salary’, at such an exciting age. After graduating from these, you can make your own initiatives and research projects. The Ministry of Industry and Technology will be one of your most important comrades as you chart your own path. It is one of the ministries that provide the most support to young people with its affiliated and related institutions. At KOSGEB, we provide financial support to both our traditional entrepreneurs and our technology-based entrepreneurs. with TUBITAKWe Provide Very Serious Support To Our University -age youth both during and after their education.”

After Minister Varank’s Speech, Özgür Özel From CHP , who held a press conference in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, said , “Is everyone a son of a minister? There is no Varank uncle behind everyone.”


Minister Varank reacted to Özel by making a statement on his social media account. Varank said, “Unfortunately, the world’s lowest opposition and the most immoral media are in our country. They think that they are doing politics out of their minds by beating the beginning and end of the speech. Yes, my advice to young people should not be to be employed somewhere when they start university. Our Ministry, KOSGEB, TUBITAK , TEKNOFEST‘, technoparks and incubators grants, scholarships and projects, research and entrepreneurship support is to benefit from. Thus, young people can establish their own initiatives, do their own research, realize their own projects, and write their own success stories. Hundreds of thousands of young people who benefit from the support of our ministry based on objective criteria are already doing this. Müfteri Özgür Özel and CHP spokespersons should know that young people do not need an ‘uncle’ to benefit from the support of the Ministry of Industry and Technology. With the resignation of Aykut Erdoğdu, the whole of Turkey learned what disgraceful relations those who want to serve in the CHP have to enter into.”



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