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Modern Warfare 2: how to get the beta with CoD’s Esports

On the weekend of August 6 and 7, the strongest teams in the Call of Duty League will compete for the title of world champion after one of the most intense seasons in the decade-long history of eSports.

By tuning in between Saturday and Dominion you will also have the opportunity to get guaranteed drops (including XP and XP double weapon, charms and blueprints) and the possibility of having a code for the first Open Beta of Modern Warfare 2 .


First, if you haven’t already, you need to link your Activision / CoD account to YouTube. This is because the drops can only be obtained by watching at least 45 minutes of stream . To do this you need to have a CoD account (you can get one here ). Then go to This YouTube Link to link your two accounts. And finally enjoy the show.

If you decide to watch the final stages of the competition also on Saturday 6 August, you can earn these drops by watching 3 hours of live broadcast.

Modern Warfare 2: how to get the beta with CoD's Esports

How to get the beta by watching the Call of Duty League

The highlight, however, is Sunday starting at 20:30 Italian time. Watching at least 45 minutes of stream you will enter the lottery which, randomly, will give access to the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 beta as soon as it is available. Unlike skins and XP boosts it’s not a guaranteed drop and your chances of getting it don’t increase by watching more hours.


If you aim only for the beta watch 1 hour of broadcast (I know I said 45 minutes but you are never too sure) and hope that the goddess of luck will assist you. If you are among the winners you will receive a notification on the CoD Companion App or on the website.


If, on the other hand, the competition interests you and excites you (this final will be one of the most tense in recent years given how close the top teams are in terms of skill), by continuing to watch the games on Sunday you will get these drops.

Modern Warfare 2: how to get the beta with CoD's Esports


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