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Mojang warns that updating Minecraft on PC via the Xbox app may delete your worlds

A Minecraft developer has warned players about an issue installing the game’s latest update on PC via the Xbox app and said worlds may be lost.



If you do this, your worlds may be lost. We recommend that you run the Game Services Repair Tool for PC before installing the Minecraft update.

To find the tool, go to the Xbox app (on PC), select your profile picture, select Support, Game Services Repair Tool, and allow it to “Start Troubleshooting.” This is a fairly simple solution to the problem, but it can have potentially devastating consequences if missed. Let’s hope the hotfix arrives soon.



The latest Minecraft update (version 1.20.70/71) came out on March 12 and made several changes, including doubling the health of wolves, adding a new variant of skeletons that shoot poison arrows, the ability for players to use Wind Charge to shoot, and more.


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