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Moonshot combines the genres of survival and tycoon about building a lunar colony

The upcoming game Moonshot from Polish studio Bearded Brothers Games tasks the player with managing a lunar exploration program in the near future. The goal is to build a colony infrastructure that will allow your team to dominate the Earth’s moon.


The developers’ intention is to make Moonshot feel realistic enough, unlike most other sci-fi survival games. Key features will include space challenges such as oxygen management and the limitations of modern technology. The game will also be co-op, allowing players to “join forces to build the best possible lunar colony and even prepare for an expedition to Mars.”

The developers plan to release Moonshot into early access in the third quarter of 2025.

Moonshot is a realistic space game that combines elements of the survival and tycoon genres in the setting of an exciting space exploration race in 2027. Players take on the role of commander of a pioneering team whose mission is to become the first astronaut to walk on the Moon since 1972. The game challenges you to build and fly rockets, lead an experienced team, and strategically exploit the lunar landscape using near-future technologies realistically represented in the game.

There’s a lot of appeal here, as ultra-niche and very hardcore games like Stationeers have been focusing on this genre for some time now. It seems that the developers of Moonshot want to make the game a little less hardcore and simulation while maintaining at least a semblance of realism.


Moonshot’s page is available on Steam.


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