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Multiplayer space horror Level Zero has been re-announced – now it’s an action shooter

In 2021, DOGHOWL Games studio announced Level Zero – an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game. You had to play as a team of scientists who are trying to escape from a space station captured by aliens, and the gameplay was reminiscent of Alien: Isolation.



The title was supposed to be released back in 2023, but this did not happen. As it turned out, the developers decided to hype the new genre and reworked the game into an extraction shooter Level Zero: Extraction .




Multiplayer horror game with loot, asymmetrical PvPvPvE and exciting gunplay. Embark on dangerous scavenging expeditions and return with confidence, alone or with a team. Or play as an alien monster that can only be killed by light, and make sure no mortal gets away alive.


The action of the game was transferred to Earth. Another experiment on aliens did not go according to plan, and the creatures captured the scientific complex. Several corporations immediately sent their mercenaries for valuable information and resources. You will have to play for them. In total, there will be three teams of people of three people and two monsters in the match.


Level Zero: Extraction will be released in 2024 on PC, and the closed beta will start on March 15.


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