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Netflix Games: Subscribers snub mobile games, less than 1% of users use the service


Netflix ‘s investments in gaming are proving to be a huge hole in the water. Other than ace in the hole to attract new customers: the video games available on the application for Android and iOS were played by less than 1% of Netflix subscribers .

Yet the streaming giant continues to invest in it. Only last March Netflix had announced three new video games and before that it had bought the development studios Next Games and Night Scool. Meanwhile, the catalog of games available on Netflix has grown further: today it includes 25 different titles, all included for free in the subscription.

Overall, Netflix’s video games were downloaded just 23 million times, averaging around 1.7 million downloads per game, according to research from the Apptopia company. That’s not much, just think that Netflix currently has over 221 million subscribers worldwide.

Apptopia’s data leaves us with a doubt: are Netflix users not interested in free mobile video games, or simply don’t even know they exist? Perhaps the streaming giant should invest a little more in promoting its new venture within the video game industry.

Just a year ago, Netflix COO Greg Peters explained that the company saw video games as a long-term bet, and that in the meantime it would try different paths in an attempt to find the right formula to conquer this market as well. For the moment, it looks like Netflix has yet to work on it.



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