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Netflix, revolution on iOS: the new screen refers to the payment method external to Apple


Netflix has added a new screen within its iOS app. The new interface explains to the user that he will be able to create and manage his account using the official Netflix site and that the latter is also used to pay for the subscription .

It is a small revolution. In March, Apple finally changed its policies, allowing applications to promote alternative payment methods to the official App Store one. In essence, developers were previously strictly prohibited from promoting alternative forms of payment. Even a simple link to an external site was forbidden.

Then the big change. In March, Apple loosened the rules for all applications that the company defines as readers : in essence, these are ‘container’ apps that allow the user to access and reproduce the contents of a catalog. Applications for on-demand streaming such as Netflix, therefore, but also applications to play ebooks and so on.

The new Netflix warning appears during the first access to the application. Netflix advises the user that the payment services are managed independently by the company and that they are not the responsibility of Apple. The new screen – for the first time – also introduces a direct link that refers directly to the official Netflix site.

It has been no longer possible to subscribe to Netflix from the App Store for some time. The user must inevitably sign up for a subscription by registering his preferred payment method on the platform site.



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