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New development diary for Rise of the Ronin is dedicated to the combat system

SIE and Team Ninja have released a second development diary for Rise of the Ronin , this time focusing on the open world action RPG combat system. The creators of the game talked about a variety of weapons and fighting styles.



For battles, players will use katanas, spears, firearms and much more. During combat in Rise of the Ronin, you can attack, block blows, and also perform rolls. To deal a large amount of damage, the player needs to deplete the enemy’s Ki energy, but the same can be done against the hero.

  • As you build relationships with characters, you will acquire new fighting styles and improve their abilities to increase your combat experience


  • Main Character’s Fighting Styles: Mumyo, Hokushin Itto and Yagyu Shinkage


  • Enemies will also have their own fighting styles: Ten, Chi, and Jin – by choosing the right battle tactics, you can eliminate the enemy much faster


  • The main character of Rise of the Ronin also has a boarding rope at his disposal – you can use it to climb walls, overcome obstacles and pull enemies towards you

Rise of the Ronin will be released on March 22, 2024. This will be a PS5 console exclusive.


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