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New gameplay trailer for Holstin, an action-horror game with seamless camera switching and pixel graphics

Holstin is a psychological survival horror game that boasts a retro pixelated aesthetic and a dark tone. The new gameplay trailer showcases seamless switching between first- and third-person camera views in an isolated and haunted Polish town from the ’90s.


With elements of Project Zomboid, Darkwood and Silent Hill, the game seems to live up to its positioning as a psychological horror game as you explore the town of Jezerne Kolenja. This small, isolated corner of eastern Poland is engulfed in a disaster that is gradually destroying the land and its inhabitants.

In practice, this means that the city’s streets are filled with some kind of dirty goo, and people, buildings and wildlife seem to be rotting from the inside. Your task is to find your friend who has recently stopped communicating, get inside, pick up your friend and get out unharmed – judging by the trailer, it won’t be easy.

You can add Holstin to your wishlist on Steam here – a demo version is also available. There is no release date yet.


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