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New house lots coming to Final Fantasy XIV in January

Fans of the homeownership system and potential homebuyers have a lot to look forward to in the latest update to Final Fantasy XIV. Update 6.3 will add new locations for houses. Today, Square Enix revealed exactly when that will happen after the launch of the new patch.


Players will be able to start claiming houses in the new neighborhoods on January 15, which is a few days after the release of patch 6.3 Gods Revel, Lands Tremble. New residential areas will be available to both private buyers and free companies, and a lottery system will operate for their purchase. The report also says that in addition to houses, apartments will also be available. 

Housing can be a problem in Final Fantasy XIV, as each server’s lot is strictly limited. As Square Enix has upgraded its servers over the past few years, new housing lots have become available.


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