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New mod for Cities: Skylines 2 improves the search for components for construction

Even without official tools, the Cities: Skylines 2 modding community has already reworked and improved almost every aspect of Colossal Order’s city builder, including buildings, roads, economy, land, traffic and more. Although the developers themselves are gradually improving the quality of the game, they clearly cannot keep up with the modders – so if you want to play comfortably, then mods are simply necessary.


CS2 has a number of significant advantages over the first part – from convenient basic tools to the number of assets, options and content from which you can build almost anything. But this raises the problem of how to find all this in the depths of the game interface. And here the latest FindStuff mod comes to the rescue, which you can download now.


FindStuff is an extremely useful mod for Cities Skylines 2, speeding up everything from laying roads to running utilities. It combines everything into one convenient menu and allows you to search for the components you need by name, type, tag or category


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