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New patch for Helldivers 2 fixes numerous crashes

Yesterday, Arrowhead Game studio released another update for the cooperative shooter Helldivers 2. Patch 01.000.006 improves the overall stability of the game and eliminates numerous bugs that led to crashes. Namely:

  • Fixed a crash when the application closed shortly after launch

  • The game no longer crashes during evacuation cutscenes

  • A user profile with too many friends no longer causes crashes

  • Fixed a crash when using text-to-speech during evacuation cutscenes

  • The game no longer crashes when the user disconnects from the network during the join cutscene

  • Operation status in mission summary no longer causes crashes

  • Fixed crashes caused by residual visual effects from disconnected players

  • The game no longer crashes when using ADS

  • Reduced chance of disconnection during missions

Frequent crashes and connection problems are among the main reasons for gamers’ dissatisfaction. We can only hope that the developers will have time to fix the game before the bugs cause a massive outflow of users.

Helldivers 2 is available on PC and PS5.


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