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New patch for Jagged Alliance 3 adds additional difficulty settings and modding tools

Studio Haemimont Games and publisher THQ Nordic announced the release of a major update 1.5 for the strategy Jagged Alliance 3 . The patch fixed various bugs, added new difficulty settings to the game and expanded modding capabilities. Here is a short list of the most important changes:

  • New tools for modding. Create new campaigns and quests, edit maps and much more

  • Ten new rules of the game. Customize the difficulty of each playthrough with these additional rules and combine them as you wish

  • Fixing some remaining issues

Thanks to the new difficulty settings, gamers will be able to increase the number of opponents, leave their fighters running out of ammo, and make it more difficult to level up. Or, on the contrary, reduce the salaries of elite fighters in order to hire them as early as possible.


Jagged Alliance 3 is available on PC and consoles of both generations. The game has about 10 thousand reviews on Steam, 89% of which are positive.


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