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New trailer for the anime “Dandadan” – a look at the possessed form of Okaruna and more

A new trailer has been released for the anime “Dandadan”, based on the popular Shonen Jump Plus manga of the same name.



The manga, written and illustrated by Yukinobu Tatsu, follows Momo Ayasa, a high school student who believes in ghosts but not aliens, and her classmate Ken Takakura, aka Okarun, who believes in aliens but not ghosts, so the two decide prove each other wrong.

According to the official synopsis, to prove to each other that what they believe is real, Momo goes to an abandoned hospital where a UFO was spotted, and Okarun goes into a tunnel rumored to be haunted. To their surprise, they each encounter overwhelming paranormal activity that goes beyond their understanding. In the midst of these circumstances, Momo awakens her hidden power and Okarun gains the power of a curse to overcome these new dangers. And at the same time romance and growing up.



Dandadan will release in October 2024 on Netflix and Crunchyroll.


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