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Next week there will be an event in Diablo 4 with bonus experience and gold

Blizzard has announced a new Mother’s Blessing event starting next week, and it’s a great chance to quickly earn a lot of gold and experience.


The event starts on March 26 and will last until April 2. During this period, all players will receive a total bonus of 35% to the speed of gaining experience and gold – not much, but this will speed up pumping and currency production by a third.

Blizzard noted that this effect stacks with similar effects from elixirs and the Urn of Aggression, so you can combine everything together to maximize farming.

The event will take place across all Diablo 4 worlds, so you’ll get the bonus regardless of whether you play on Eternal or Seasonal Worlds. Bonuses also apply to all world levels. This means you’ll be able to clear Battle Pass levels faster or level up your characters much faster than usual, and Blizzard seems to be hoping the bonus will lure away players who have left – with Season 4 pushed back to May, the game definitely needs something to keep people interested.


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