NFT: “A scam”, according to the store


The world of NFTs , continuing to grow over the last few months, has created many disagreements on the web, with some members of the internet community considering everything revolutionary, others who do not come close to technology, and still more who deem it a scam.

This last category includes the digital store , which has recently taken a strong stand against this type of use of the blockchain on the Twitter platform, as you can see in the Tweet translated below.

Some have asked for our thoughts on NFTs.

NFTs are a scam, if you think they are legitimately useful for anything other than creator exploitation, financial scams and planet destruction we ask you to reevaluate your life choices.

The world of video games is not yet very similar to this type of token, and considering the tough stance taken by , which in a consecutive Tweet has also insulted the companies that support the creators who exploit this technology, it seems that we will not see an application from the company.

However, there are many companies that despite everything have decided to launch into this world, such as Ubisoft , which has recently unveiled a collaboration between the Rabbids and The Sandbox , we talked about it here .



  • ‘NFTs are a scam,’ says indie game store (The Verge)


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