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Nightingale postponed: Inflexion Games’ fantasy RPG postponed to 2023


Nightingale was postponed to 2023 . The announcement comes from a note published on social media by the development team that explains in more detail what were the reasons that led to the postponement of the game. Below is the content of the note:

We had to make the difficult decision to postpone Nightingale early access to the first half of 2023, ″ wrote the development team. “A choice based on two considerations. The first is the desire to  switch to Unreal Engine 5 : after understanding the potential of this graphics engine, we decided to update the game now rather than after the release.

The second consideration is that Inflexion Games is committed to delivering the  best possible experience  and fully expressing the potential that the Nightingale universe of realms will bring to players. To do this, it takes extra time to make substantial improvements, introduce content and refine the gameplay.

Nightingale, the ambitious fantasy RPG with survival elements, was expected to make its early access debut later this year. The British team, however, preferred to allow themselves more time to improve the experience and thus complete the transition to Unreal Ungine 5.

Finally, the team took the opportunity to thank the fans for their continued support and enthusiasm, promising the arrival of updates on the game in the coming weeks.



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