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No Man’s Sky: update 3.093 available on console, here are all the details


No Man’s Sky is updated today on consoles with the new 3.093 update which aims to fix some technical problems and bugs. The patch has already been available on PC for a few days but arrives on consoles today, June 21, 2022. 

As we see from the official notes published by the developers , the details of patch 3.093 mainly concern the correction of bugs and glitches more specifically:

  • Fixed an issue that causes custom discovery names to be reset on loading
  • Fixed a number of issues that could cause the player to take damage in protected locations
  • Fixed a multiplayer issue that could cause a player to be incorrectly assigned damage

Patch 3.93 comes following the maxi update that introduced Leviathan , the game’s seventh expedition, which adds a distinctly rogue-like component to the adventure.


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