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After four months of legal battle between the Royal London Hospital and mother Hollie Dance, the machines keeping 12-year-old Archie alive have been unplugged. Thousands of people demanded changes in the law.

Archie Battersbee , who was unconscious at home by his mother on 7 April in England , died after a 4-month treatment period. The boy, who was thought to have been affected by a TikTok video, was found unconscious with a cord around his neck. The Royal London Hospital , which declared that the child, who has been in intensive care since that day, has been brain dead, wanted to shut down the life support units. However, the grieving mother Hollie Dance appealed the decision and started a legal battle. However, the 46-year-old mother, who exhausted domestic remedies, was not found justified by the European Court of Human Rights either. Dance’s request to transfer his son to other countries, including Turkey, was not realized due to medical impossibility. According to the doctors, Archie was too sensitive to be moved.



After these developments, Archie was turned off on Saturday at 10:00 local time, and died two hours later. Making a statement in front of the hospital in tears, the mother said, “He is a very beautiful child and he fought until the end. “I’m proud to be his mother,” she said. “We hope no family will have to go through what we went through. This is barbaric,” she added. The non-governmental organization called the Christian Law Center, which was involved in the case, said, “No parent or family should experience this again,” and demanded changes in the relevant laws.


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