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Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang believes children don’t need to learn programming – let AI do it

At a recent summit in Dubai, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang expressed an unexpected opinion that breaks with a decade-long tradition of tech CEOs advising young people to learn to code. Huang believes that even at this early stage of AI development, programming is no longer a vital skill. Since AI is responsible for programming, people can focus on more valuable knowledge – biology, education, manufacturing or farming, says the head of Nvidia.



You can watch the conversation in the video below. In a minute-long excerpt from Huang’s speech on social media, the Nvidia CEO said that for 10-15 years, virtually every speaker on tech forums has insisted that it is “critically important” for young people to learn computer science and programming.


After such a loud announcement, Nvidia’s CEO suggested that people could instead learn skills in truly useful areas. Experts in fields such as biology, education, manufacturing or farming will be able to spend time on more productive activities instead of learning programming. Thus, the only language necessary for everyone will remain their native language, in which people are already experts from birth (which is also doubtful).


However, people will still need to know how and when to use AI. That’s why Huang states at the end of the video:


Upskilling everyone is critical, and I believe the learning process should be enjoyable and surprising.


Tech industry analyst Patrick Moorhead could not help but comment on the words of the Nvidia executive. The famous expert drew the attention of his followers on Twitter and X:


For 30 years I’ve heard “XYZ will kill coding” but we still don’t have enough programmers.


Moorhead cited several programming languages and tools that supposedly were supposed to kill coding – but this clearly did not happen.


Moorhead also drew parallels with the computer revolution in publishing. He said that AI will not kill coding, but will give it to more people.


Time will tell the real impact of the wave of AI applications in the coming years. However, a recent Bloomberry study found that freelance writers and translators were hit hardest by the advent of ChatGPT. And the number of software developer vacancies has reportedly increased by 6% since the launch of ChatGPT.


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