NVIDIA exceeds the value of Meta in the United States


As officially confirmed and reported on the PCGamer pages , the fact that the value of Meta has dropped has allowed NVIDIA to overtake the company previously known as Facebook , with a not indifferent twist, at least as regards the territory of the United States.

Specifically, now the technology titan, particularly known for the world of video cards and for its products in this area, despite several highs being treated, has therefore had the opportunity to make a slight leap up enough to defeat Meta.

The latter saw its shares drop by about 30% , thus greatly decreasing its value in the short term, and taking eighth place to overcome the stumbling block it faced in the United States. This is certainly good news for NVIDIA, which lately is not doing very well as we know, not for the products it continues to make, but for the non-acquisition of Arm , blocked in the bud after several years.

We will therefore see if with a possible imminent recovery of Meta, NVIDA will find itself returning to its previous place, or if it will now continue its positive momentum by aiming for higher and higher positions.




  • It’s official: Nvidia is now worth more than Meta (PCGamer)


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