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NVIDIA releases Game Ready 551.61 WHQL drivers

NVIDIA has published a new version of drivers for GeForce video cards. The changes also affected the control panel, which has been completely redesigned – its operation will become much more convenient.



NVIDIA has released Game Ready 551.61 WHQL graphics drivers, which also introduces a new version of the NVIDIA application (currently in beta). The new app replaces GeForce Experience and NVIDIA Control Panel. According to the manufacturer, this is the first step towards modernizing and combining the NVIDIA control panel and the GeForce Experience application.


The new app introduces a new user interface that should make it easier to operate the hardware and install additional software such as GeForce NOW, NVIDIA Broadcast or NVIDIA Omniverse. The updated overlay provides easy access to gameplay recording tools, performance monitoring features, and game-enhancing filters (including innovative new AI-powered filters for GeForce RTX users).



The manufacturer also introduced new Freestyle filters based on artificial intelligence. RTX HDR easily adds HDR mode to regular SDR games (you’ll also need an HDR-capable display, of course). RTX Dynamic Vibrance enhances NVIDIA Digital Vibrance for enhanced gaming clarity.


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