NVIDIA would have been the victim of a major hacker attack


As resumed on the pages of TechRadar and reported by The Telepgragh , NVIDIA has recently seen a big blow by unspecified hackers, which would have come roughly in conjunction with the outbreak of the war in Ukraine , and would have brought the giant to take some of their services offline because of this.

Obviously, it is not certain that it was a war-related event, considering that the company has not commented on the situation in this regard. Find the words of a spokesperson, reported to TechRadar , below:

We’re investigating the incident. Our business and commercial activities continue uninterrupted. We are still evaluating the nature and purpose of the event and currently have no information to share.

Apparently, the giant’s email systems and some of the developers’ tools would have suffered in the last two days, with all that being caused by a hacker sneaking into the company’s network. Of course, it still remains to understand more details about what happened, with the company that is now investigating thanks to its own means and will perhaps soon have the opportunity to update us on everything.




  • Nvidia hit with potentially major cyberattack (TechRadar)


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