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Nvidia’s next generation of AI GPUs could consume up to 1,000 watts

Major server maker Dell has revealed details about upcoming AI GPUs from Nvidia, codenamed Blackwell. It turns out that these processors will consume up to 1000 Watts, which is 40% more than the previous generation. Therefore, Dell will have to use all its cooling engineering skills. Dell’s comments also hint at some of the architectural features of Nvidia’s new compute GPUs.



We’re looking forward to seeing what happens with the H200 and its performance improvements. It will also be interesting to look at the B100 and B200, where there will be another opportunity to demonstrate our engineering competence in heat management. In fact, you don’t need a straight-through liquid cooling system to dissipate 1000 watts on a GPU.


Without knowing Nvidia’s plans for the Blackwell architecture, you can look at the rule: heat dissipation is limited to 1 watt per square millimeter of die area.



From this point of view, it becomes interesting: the H100 (at 4 nm process technology) already has 700 W of heat dissipation along with HBM memory, and the crystal size is 814 sq. mm – that is, less than 1 W per sq. mm. For the next GPU, perhaps at 3 nm, at this level of power consumption, it would make sense to make a dual-chip architecture to increase the area for heat dissipation. AMD and Intel have already used a similar approach for their GPUs.


Dell’s CFO decided to comment on Blackwell’s architecture, while stating the company’s technological superiority in cooling:


This will happen next year with the B200. We will have the opportunity to demonstrate engineering, speed of operation in an industrial liquid cooling system at scale – be it fluid chemistry, performance, telemetry, power management and so on. This will allow us to scale the solution to the market to take advantage of the incredible computing power that will be available there.


It is not yet known how much these solutions will cost.


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