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Official: Four Xbox games coming to PS5/Nintendo Switch, Diablo 4 coming to Game Pass at the end of March

Microsoft has released a special podcast featuring Xbox executives Phil Spencer, Matt Booty and Sarah Bonda. The broadcast confirmed what everyone had known about for more than a week: the company is partially abandoning exclusives.


Spencer confirmed that four Xbox-branded games will appear on “other consoles”, that is, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. Specific titles have not been named, but rumors include Sea of ​​Thieves, Pentiment, Grounded and Hi-Fi Rush.

Starfield and the Indiana Jones game will remain exclusive, but Phil Spencer hasn’t ruled out their appearance on other platforms in the future. For now, the focus is on four announced titles.

I strongly believe that over the next five to ten years, exclusive games, games designed exclusively for one device, will make up a smaller and smaller part of the gaming industry.

Phil Spencer


It was also announced that Diablo IV will be coming to Xbox Game Pass on March 28th. The game will be available to subscribers on PC and Xbox consoles. The action-RPG will be followed by other Activision Blizzard games.

Other details:

  • Microsoft is not abandoning Xbox and is not leaving the console market – the company will continue to produce hardware; a next-gen console is already in production, and at the end of the year there will be news on the updated Xbox Series X|S

  • Xbox execs say next console will be ‘biggest technological leap’

  • Games from internal Xbox studios will still be available on launch day on Xbox Game Pass

  • Game Pass subscribers exceed 34 million

  • Xbox Game Pass will still only be available on PC and Xbox

  • In a conversation with The Verge, Phil Spencer hinted at the release of a portable console – Microsoft will share plans when it’s ready

We expect more news in the coming months and summer at the Xbox Games Showcase, which will take place in June.


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