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One dedicated Minecraft player spent 12 years creating his own fantasy kingdom.

One incredibly dedicated Minecraft player  One incredibly dedicated Minecraft player showed off the fantasy kingdom he’s been working on for 12 years.


A gamer named Linard started a build called Galekin Kingdom back in 2012, when Minecraft was at its very beginning.

The other day it was exactly 12 years since the start of construction. To celebrate, Linard posted a YouTube video showcasing the amazing detail of the carefully crafted cities and towns, as well as the beauty of the kingdom’s vast countryside and mountain ranges. The player also talks about new content, including buildings, landscapes, game mechanics and additions to Galekin’s lore, created for the anniversary.

Imgur has a look at some of the wonders of the Kingdom, including the largest city, Emeraldia, which the author says took two and a half years to create. There’s also a school of magic worthy of Hogwarts, and a Ruby Castle with nods to Dark Souls.

After 12 years, you’d think a player would be ready to hang up his pick, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. At the end of the video, Linard announces “exciting new” plans for the future. He can’t wait to show off what he has in store for this year.


Meanwhile, Mojang is testing update 1.21 with new features that have already made a positive impression on players.


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