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One in five players identify as LGBT, according to a new GLAAD report.



According to GLAAD, 23% of gamers identify as LGBT. At the same time, 38% “sometimes feel like they don’t belong in the gaming community,” and 42% avoid certain games due to possible harassment and harassment—this was confirmed by 52% of LGBT gamers. 27% quit games completely after being bullied.

Since last year, the “international LGBT movement” has been recognized as an extremist organization and banned on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The number of active LGBT gamers is growing: compared to Nielsen Games360 data for 2020, the increase was 10%. There is also stronger growth among younger gamers, with 23-28% of gamers under 35 identifying as LGBT. This begs the question: where does this sudden increase in identification come from?

According to GLAAD, there is still not enough LGBT content in games: less than 2% of Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo libraries include LGBT characters or themes. This is based on the LGBT tag in the store – not all eligible games are tagged with it.

However, the industry lags far behind other media in terms of LGBT representation, according to GLAAD. LGBT players are 40% more likely to buy games with a protagonist of the same gender, and 68% want to see more LGBT stories.


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