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One source for the Starfield PlayStation rumors called them “fiction”

Last week, the gaming world was rocked by a message from the XboxEra portal that Starfield would supposedly be released on PlayStation and other platforms. Soon there were rumors about Indiana Jones, and even about Gears of War on platforms other than Xbox, which hinted at Microsoft’s complete withdrawal from the console market.


However, there is no need to rush. The well-known insider NateDrake or Nate The Hate, who has repeatedly shared accurate information, first confirmed the XboxEra data, but now seems to regret it. He has already clarified that not all Xbox games will become cross-platform, and now in a post on ResetEra, he said that he now considers rumors specifically about Starfield to be “fiction,” perhaps spread deliberately.

I am now convinced that Starfield will remain exclusive to the Xbox ecosystem, and the information about porting is fiction. I admit the mistake.

But doesn’t this mean that all the information about the multiplatform nature of Xbox games and the change in Microsoft’s strategy is a complete fabrication? Hardly. First, Xbox announced a presentation of updated business plans next week, stating the following:

We hear you. We will host a shareholder event where we will share details of our vision for the future of Xbox. Follow the news.

If this were a complete fabrication, Xbox would simply deny everything. So something is happening, and we will find out the details soon. But the Starfield rumors specifically now look less likely.



Tom Henderson, an insider with a better reputation, also weighed in, saying that Xbox insiders were “very surprised” at how out of control the discussion had gotten.


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