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Online Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League fell below Gotham Knights

Recently, the CFO of Warner Bros. Discovery’s Gunnar Wiedenfels said Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League “did not live up to the company’s expectations.” And this is not surprising, because over the past weekend online games lost not only to the cult single-player titles about Batman, but also to the cooperative Gotham Knights.


To be precise, Suicide Squad had a maximum online count of 946 people on Sunday, while Gotham Knights had 1,175 people online at one time.

According to the graph, you can see that a surge of interest in Gotham Knights occurred just after the failed launch of the new product from Rocksteady. At the same time, ratings for Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League are still “mostly positive.”


Gotham Knights will be released in October 2022. At the time of release, the game’s score was 67 out of 100 on Metacritic, and the title itself was mercilessly criticized. It is curious that in almost every review, journalists stated that the developers were “far from Rocksteady.” In reality, Rocksteady’s co-op scores were even lower.


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