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Oppo and OnePlus: sales stop in Germany due to a dispute


Over the years, patents and licensing rights have been the focus of major disputes between technology companies. The Sonos-Google battle is the perfect example, some features of the Nest and Home speakers infringed on Sonos ‘ patents and it was when the latter sued Google for the licensed money, it removed the related entirely. functionality. Similarly, Oppo and OnePlus have now been forced to withdraw their phones from Germany after losing an appeal against a patent infringement lawsuit from the network giant Nokia, and it could happen in other markets later.

The patent dispute between Nokia and Oppo concerns 4G technology and has been going on for several years, at the beginning of July, the Mannheim District Court approved an order in favor of Nokia (as explained by WinFuture ) and ordered the two parties to reach an agreement, otherwise a ban on the sale of Oppo’s phones would have been imposed.

Both companies apparently failed to resolve the matter, leading the Munich regional court to impose a sales ban on Oppo and OnePlus smartphones in the country from August 5 . An Oppo spokesperson said the problem stems from a 4G cross-licensing deal with Nokia, with the Finnish giant seeking an unreasonably high renewal fee and going to court a day after the deal expired.

Oppo has removed all mentions of its smartphones and associated product lists from its German website, and has released a statement, however, confirming that existing Oppo users can continue to use their devices without any problems.




  • Oppo and OnePlus face wide-reaching smartphone sales bans following patent dispute with Nokia (Android Police)


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