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Oscar 2024 became the most watched since 2020

Foreign media shared the ratings for the Oscar 2024 awards ceremony. It turned out that views of the event set a record since 2020 – the show was watched by 19.5 million viewers. The 2023 show was watched by 18.8 million viewers, that is, an increase of 4%.



In 2021, the Oscars were watched by 10.4 million viewers, in 2022 – 16.6 million. For three years in a row, ratings for the award ceremony have been growing, although since 2014, views have noticeably dropped from the already seemingly cosmic 43 million viewers.


The triumphant Oscar 2024 was the film “Oppenheimer” by Christopher Nolan, which won seven statuettes. Emma Stone won best actress for her role in “The Lost and Lost,” and Hayao Miyazaki’s “The Boy and the Bird” took the prize for best animation.


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