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Outplayed at the European Masters: it’s the third time

The Outplayed surpass the Cybergrounds and fly to the final: they will face the favorites Macko for the title of champions of the PG Nationals.



No new participant in the final of the PG Nationals, nor in Europe: to gain access to the final act of the Italian championship and the qualification to the European Masters of League of Legends, it was the Outplayed who passed the Cybergrounds for 3- 1 in the second round of the playoff loser bracket. Another, the second, 3-1 after the one trimmed to the Atleta, this too convincing despite some flaws that confirms once again the sudden growth that the team has had from the end of the regular season to the start of the playoffs. 

Broken Dream Cgg

Cybergrounds had finished the regular season in second place, even risking finishing first if they didn’t lose their last game against Atleta. Despite the high expectations for them, the Palermo team in the playoffs, that is, when they moved from the Bo1 to the Bo5 series, they were no longer able to show their full potential with the opponents who have always been able to contain the initiatives of Eyliph, the toplaner. , and limit the botlaner Taba. However, Cyberground remains the best split ever with their personal record of six consecutive victories recorded in the second round.

Outplayed: there is no two without three

Outplayed, after Macko, are the second (and last) Italian team to qualify for the European Masters for the Summer Split 2022. For the Op it is the third participation ever, always in Summer: in 2018 they conquered the Top 8, while in 2021, a year ago and always with Dehaste and Lotus still members of the team today, they won their Play-In group with five wins and just one defeat before losing 2-1 against the Poles of Ago Rogue. It remains to be established, today, who between Outplayed and Macko will start from the preliminary phase and who directly from the group stage, an honor reserved for the winner of the PG Nationals.


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