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Overdose: Kojima Productions asked Tom Henderson to remove the leak


Kojima Productions contacted the well-known insider Tom Henderson via email, asking him to remove the article containing the leak on Overdose , the alleged new game of the team. The news comes from a tweet by Henderson himself who reports the request specifying that he has not consented to the removal of the article.

Obviously, such a request made by Kojima’s team only confirms the veracity of the leak . As a result, we can deduce that Overdose really exists and that we will soon know more, perhaps on the occasion of the Summer Game Fest tomorrow. Moreover, as we have reported, yesterday Geoff Keighley published a fairly explicit tweet immediately after the leak that suggests that he is aware of the existence of the game and its imminent announcement.


Overdose was introduced by Henderson as Hideo Kojima’s new game. It would be a third-person title with the ability to play some sequences in first. The leaker also claimed to have had the opportunity to view some videos of the game in which Margaret Qualley appears,  the actress who plays Mama in Death Stranding, wearing a blue dress. The video shows the character walking down dark corridors and making his way with a flashlight.

We remind you that the Summer Game Fest will be broadcast tomorrow, June 9th starting at 20:00.


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