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Overwatch 2: all the details on the abilities of the Queen of the Junker


With a long post on the official Overwatch 2 website , Blizzard has revealed some interesting details about the abilities of the Queen of Junker, the 34th hero who will join the roster of the multiplayer shooter.

The Junker Queen joins the heroes of Overwatch 2 as a new tank, armed with an ax and shotgun. The passive ability ” Adrenaline Rush ” is the centerpiece of her set: essentially, she heals her based on all the periodic damage of her abilities, which inflicts wounds capable of slowly draining the health of enemies.

One of the Junker Queen’s two active abilities is “ Slaughter ” which consists of a huge slashing ax that wounds enemies, activating “Adrenaline Rush”. The queen of the Junker will also have a secondary fire, that is the ” Toothed Blade ” that throws a blade capable of inflicting periodic damage if it hits an enemy directly. Furthermore, her magnetic glove can recall the knife, thus reactivating the secondary fire.

Overwatch 2: all the details on the abilities of the Queen of the Junker

The Junker Queen’s other ability is ” Command Shout “, which boosts her survival while also helping teammates around her, increasing health and movement speed for herself and her nearby allies.


Completing the Junker Queen’s skill set is the Ultra “ Fury ” that allows her to severely injure enemies, preventing them from healing themselves. It’s the first ability to block healing since Ana’s Biotic Grenade. Paired with Adrenaline Rush, Fury is one of the Junker Queen’s most powerful survival assets: it applies a lethal wound to anyone in its path, giving her a way to restore an enormous amount of health with Adrenaline Rush by number. of wounds he manages to inflict.

We remind you that Overwatch 2 will be available from  4 October 2022  for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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