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Palworld developers are in a panic looking for employees: “We are sorely short of people”

Pocketpair, the company behind the hit Palworld, spends almost $500,000 a month maintaining the game’s servers. But at the same time, it is experiencing an acute shortage of staff, so it asks everyone to join.


At Palworld we still have a lot of work to do, but we are desperately short of people on the team. We are looking for specialists for all positions, but especially designers and programmers! We are looking for people with experience in any engine, so if you are interested in creating completely new games, send your resume!

The success of Palworld is truly dizzying – by January 31, less than 2 weeks after release, the game had attracted 19 million players on PC and Xbox. Peak online on Steam has since dropped, but Palworld is still at the top of the platform, second only to esports CS2.

Given that Pocketpair is a Japanese company, language proficiency (and perhaps even residence in the country) will likely be a big plus for candidates, in addition to knowledge of game engines.

However, unlike Palworld itself, the development of the game should not resemble hell. The English-language website Pocketpair promises a flexible schedule, an excellent social package and almost no overtime.


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