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Palworld player has assembled an army of mass destruction of 1800+ Relaxasaurs with grenade launchers

YouTuber Vash Cowaii, previously known for his Warframe tutorials, has worked hard to raise a battalion of 1,856 Relaxasaurs, as well as 16 four-star Relaxasaurs, to prove that these cuties are a huge force in the right hands.


I was very interested in Relaxasaurus for the memes from the beginning, but after seeing a post on Reddit bemoaning its sorry state, that was the final push to make it happen. I brought out 1856 (technically 16 more) Relaxasaurs to destroy Palworld and it was great.

The video shows how the Relaxasaurus army not only defeats, but absolutely demolishes some of the most difficult opponents in the game, such as the legendary alpha bosses Necromus and Jetragon. Vash’s tactics are simple and consistent: sit on a bunch of high-level Relaxasaurs and unleash hellfire on your enemies until there is nothing left of them.


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