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Palworld player has built a giant “transportation system” covering the entire map

Despite the presence of fast travel in Palworld, one player dedicated his time to creating a “transportation system” that spans the entire game’s map.


No matter how advanced your progress is in Palworld, exploring the world can sometimes be challenging. Even with maximum stamina and the best mounts, it is sometimes possible to become completely exhausted when moving to distant locations.

While the game allows you to maximize your stamina to freely exploit the world, some players prefer to leave things as is for the sake of maintaining a sense of challenge.

In order to travel smoothly around the island of Palpagos, one player managed to build a “transport system” that spanned the entire map. In the video, he glides down endless stairs from the sky to reach one of the island’s locations.

I created a transportation system in palworld (sort of).
byu/yaris205 inPalworld


At some point the stairs end and as they get closer to the ground the player uses a parachute to land safely. This was made possible by saving stamina on the descent.

This is mostly a joke, it’s much easier to use fast travel and flying, but I wanted to at least give it a try.

To get to the top initially, he used the elevator trick.

According to the gamer, the construction took a lot of time, especially since the video will not be able to see the foundation at the base.


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