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Palworld player was inspired by “Attack on Titan” and built a huge city from the anime

One Palworld player recreated the central city from Attack on Titan, without using mods to make the process easier.


A gamer with the nickname Commercial_Neck8986 shared the finished city with the Palworld community a few days ago. Just two weeks ago, he only had a concept for the starting area of ​​Paradis Island. Then a whole city grew up, on a fairly large scale, with detailed districts, multi-layered walls and a multi-level castle.

It’s exciting to watch the progress in the video: how Commercial_Neck terraformed the landscape to fit his vision of a large-scale city. It’s scary to imagine how much stone went into all these buildings and how many hours the build took.

So I made Palcity…. took me 2 weeks to finish [No Mods Used]
byu/Commercial_Neck8986 inPalworld

According to Commercial_Neck, he spent a total of two weeks of active play.


The main difficulty is that this city exceeds the size of the Palbox, which allows you to build from inventory, so you had to carry building materials . Luckily, Palworld recently added the ability to move slightly while overloaded. But it’s still a sea of ​​stone.

Without mods, I carried so much stone so as not to be overloaded. Luckily there are trees everywhere, so I trimmed some wood for the roofs.

I made storage next to Palbox and moved resources back and forth. I had to do a lot of walking.

Considering that Palworld was released about a month ago, there are still many interesting creations in the game ahead. Especially as modification tools develop.



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