Panic has won, we know how to make games – the developers of “Trouble” about the Russian gaming industry

Alexey Koptsev, General Director of Cyber ​​Nova (“Trouble”), shared his views on domestic game development at the SPIMFE forum, comparing it with the Nizhny Novgorod militia that defeated the Polish army near Moscow in 1612.


He also confirmed that the Russian authorities allocated over 500 million rubles for the development of Troubles, and promised to release the game at the end of the year.

How has the situation changed over the past year? Let me tell you as a developer. Education has been established at various levels. We, the developers, have conquered panic. Several gaming associations have emerged. The current situation is unique. As Winston Churchill said, every crisis brings new opportunities. It’s almost visible now. Firstly, we began to actively communicate, help each other, share some resources, recommendations, books, information. If earlier we somehow communicated at conferences, but anyway it was some kind of commercial confrontation, now we, as I came up with this maxim: we are the third militia. The second militia is from Nizhny Novgorod, which drove the Poles out of Moscow, and now we are standing back-to-back, men, holding the line so that everything will work out well for us in the future. It was possible to establish a quiet full-time production.

Earlier, the creators of “Trouble” said that the game will be released only in VK Play, and production is in the “middle of the road”.


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