Paramount is preparing a crossover film between Transformers and GI Joe

At the CinemaCom presentation, Paramount Pictures announced that it is working on a feature-length crossover film, which will bring together the heroes of “Transformers” and GI Joe.

This story was first introduced in comics in the 1980s. Paramount Pictures has not announced the premiere date for the film adaptation, but it definitely shouldn’t be expected before 2025. The Transformers/GI Joe crossover will be executive produced by Steven Spielberg.

The upcoming crossover was directly hinted at by the ending of the film “Transformers: Rise of the Beast Boys” from director Steven Caple Jr.

In the finale, Noah interviews for a security guard position, but discovers that he is actually being invited to join a secret government organization called “GI Joe” that has discovered the existence of Transformers.

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