Patch 1.6.4 for Stardew Valley includes fixes, nice bonuses, fishing and mining updates

Another new patch is on its way to Stardew Valley on PC. This time he promises not only to fix the next batch of bugs, but also to add “a couple of nice bonuses.”

Developer Eric Baron didn’t share all the details of the upcoming update, but said that patch 1.6.4 should be released next week, so the wait won’t be long.

Eric writes that the update will contain some new feature related to fishing and mining.

While the arrival of new features and content is always exciting, some players were immediately concerned about the patch’s potential compatibility with existing saves. After all, even before the release of update 1.6, Baron said that “he can recommend starting a new game for fun and in order to see everything in the right context,” although continuing the old game is also acceptable.

In the case of patch 1.6.4, “you won’t need to start over,” and you can also not wait for the update and continue the game, the developer assures. “Just play if you want, there won’t be anything revolutionary in this patch.”

For those who are waiting for the release of the large-scale update 1.6 on consoles with its festivals and mayonnaise-eating competitions, Baron reassures that the upcoming patch “will not slow down the release of the console version” and will not affect the launch of the mobile version.

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