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Pg Nationals, out the Atleta: three remain

The Mackos are already in the final and first qualified for the European Masters: they will be challenged by Cyberground or Outplayed. 

The reigning champions abdicate: Atleta Esports are out of the fight for the title at the Italian League of Legends championship. To win the PG Nationals will therefore be a team between Macko, already two-time winners of the competition , the Outplayed , a title for them back in 2018, and Cyberground Gaming , the only team in this Top 3 not to have won the competition. On the other hand, it is also the first time for them that they close the championship in the top three: it had never happened before.


Outplayed in form

The Outplayed have finally shown in the first round of loser bracket that they have become a real team, thanks to the enormous work of the coaching staff behind the scenes. The match against the Atleta was not very clean but undoubtedly represented the best performance offered so far with a 3-1 final that allows them to continue to dream, not only for the title but also for a place at the European Masters . The athletes still come out with their heads held high, although the expectations were obviously higher, but the difficulties related to the goal were evident and difficult to fix in the time available. The Outplayed, for their part, redeem the surprise defeat of last Spring Split when they were ousted from the Top 3 by Gg Esports .

Macko still favorites

The most suitable for the final victory, however, still remain the Macko, authors against the Cybergrounds of a simply perfect match from every point of view that showed their clear superiority over any other pretender. But be careful, even in the Spring the Macko were the favorites before losing in the final against the Atleta. Objectively it does not seem the case in this Summer: both Cybergound and Outplayed, whoever wins between them to challenge the Macko, clearly have gapscompared to the two-time champions of the PG Nationals. To win against the Mackos it will take a real miracle. Meanwhile, the Mackos are the first Italian team to qualify for the fourth consecutive split for the European Masters, breaking their own record. It remains to be seen whether starting from the Group Stage, in case of victory in the final, or from the Play-In, in case of defeat.


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