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Phil Spencer’s Reaction to PS5 Announcement: Xbox Series X|S Prevail

The media continues to publish interesting information from confidential Microsoft documents leaked online, including correspondence between Phil Spencer and other senior representatives of the corporation.


Another discovery concerns the reaction of the head of Xbox to the technical presentation of the PlayStation 5, which took place in March 2020Having familiarized himself with the plans of competitors, Phil Spencer confidently stated that Microsoft had a more impressive product in all respects.

“Having spent 12 hours analyzing their specifications and reading the player feedback, I would like to say that I am very proud of our team. We have prepared a product better than the PlayStation 5, and I’m not just talking about the hardware, but also about the software platform, as well as services that complement hardware We have all the ingredients for a winning plan .

The board says I’m overconfident and this letter will likely reinforce their opinion, but today was a good day for us ,” he wrote to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and CFO Amy Hood.

At the same time, Spencer admitted that it was too early to celebrate victory since the generation had not even begun. However, the general mood of the head of Xbox was very optimistic.

“There’s a lot that’s still being discussed. There’s price, investment and more, and I don’t want to distract us from that process. But I think we can have confidence in Xbox Series X|S, and we need to do business with that fact in mind.” .


However, in the public sphere, Microsoft quickly distanced itself from the “console wars” and repeatedly emphasized that its development strategy goes far beyond console sales. 

In the spring of 2023, Phil Spencer actually admitted that Microsoft had missed its chance to lead the current race, losing in the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One generation. And now just releasing quality games won’t fix that, because people have attachments to brands and their digital content libraries that they’ve developed over the years.


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